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I read the AMCAS instructions for requesting transcripts, and just realized that a transcript request form needs to be sent with it.


I sent my application a few weeks ago without one, AND without a letter explaining the credit hours. I know that AMCAS says they still accept transcripts without the form, but that they are not responsible if they can not match it with an application. Should I resend one with the proper components ( even if it may arrive past the deadline?!)


Your help is greatly appreciated!!



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Guest arachniphobic730

hey, i did the exact same thing a while ago...they do make an effort to match you...what i did was call them and see if they had received it. after like a week and a half after i sent the transcript, i got an email saying they received it.


they do match you eventually, but if you're iffy about it, you should resend...i'd advise you to wait a little bit and call amcas...

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