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Hey all,


I don't normally post things like this but it's my way of continuing to raise awareness for an initiative that was deeply important to a good friend of mine who passed away this week (not looking for sympathy lol).


OneMatch (www.onematch.cais a stem cell donor network to help patients in need of life saving treatment. I am sure I don't need go on about what it's about since most will understand but I wanted to post about it. I'm not sure why I hadn't done it prior.


Thanks to a donor my friend was able to extend his life by 10 months and likely longer had he not come down with pneumonia.


I urge all to be a donor - you never know when it is you you will need this type of help.


Thanks for reading :)



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Thank you for posting this. :) I'm on the registry myself and I volunteer with Canadian Blood Services. Had it not been for the massive storm that buried the Island, I'd have been doing a OneMatch recruiting drive today, in fact.


Anyone who can register should, but we are in particularly acute need of young men of colour as it is most difficult to find matches for non-Caucasian patients due to the low representation on the list.


There are frequently Get Swabbed! events at universities (CBS generally does quite a few in Feb/Mar as it is end of fiscal) but you can request a kit online and submit by mail. It only takes a minute.


We're all in this to save lives. Here's a way to start doing so before you have an MD.


Aaron, sorry for your loss. I'm glad your friend was able to have more time than expected, but even an expected loss can be difficult.

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Thank you for posting that aaronjw. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.


I joined the OneMatch registry in 2007 and got the call almost two years ago to be a bone marrow donor. If I happened to be a match for someone else (highly unlikely), I would do it again without hesitation.


If anyone has any questions about what it's like, feel free to ask! 

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