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This is a little embarrassing for me to talk about.


I'm a second year student UofT, studying human biology. In my first year, I did the absolute bare minimum. In the beginning I was really trying, but after seeing how difficult it was, I started to feel very demotivated and it just turned into a snowball from there, and now I'm really panicking about Medical School. 


At the end of this year I will have 10.0 credits completed and I plan on taking a full-credit course load for the remaining years so I am eligible for the weighing formula (trust me, I'll need it). My cGPA is 2.27 based on 6.5 credits (I only had 1.5 credits last semester because I am also taking full-year courses).


I have thought of a few options:


1) Simply keep a taking full-credit course load for the remaining years and do my best to achieve high enough marks so that they'll make up for the bad marks in the past, using the weighing formula of course.


2) Take the difficult, required courses in the summer, and continue taking a full-credit course load during the year. That means I'll have more than 20.0 credits, but I'm still eligible for the weighing formula. I'd have a higher chance of getting higher marks if I take the difficult courses in the summer (so they don't count towards my GPA) and take easier courses during the year.


3) Graduate in 5 rather than 4 years. That'd leave with me with 25.0 credits, and the weighing formula would drop the lowest 5.0 credits (I talked to admissions about this and they're the ones who told me about this).


What do you guys think? Can you think of any other options? I'm really panicking right now.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think you're tacking the root of the problem here. You can keep taking full course loads, but unless your grades increase, there's not much the weighing formula can do for you. Do you know why you are doing poorly in your courses? I think that should be your first step. I am a 4th year student at UofT, and I'd be happy to chat with you regarding courses and study techniques if you sent me a PM :)


Keep in mind you also need to write the MCAT - so you should plan accordingly for that in the summer. GPA is only one part of getting into medical school. Summer time is really critical for developing your application in terms of research, volunteering, EC, etc. - so I personally wouldn't recommend the summer school option. Research is especially important for UofT, which seems to be the school you are aiming for.


You should also consider what other medical schools look at, besides just UofT. Western will look at your best 2 years above 3.7, Ottawa have their own weighing formula, McMaster's look at all your grades (including summer school), Queen's looks at best 2 years as well as your cGPA, etc.

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