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Mcmaster Pa Application Cycle 2015

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From the email I sent them: "Yes, this would mean your supplementary application status has been updated on MOSAIC. The Admissions Office has experienced technical difficulties updating the supplementary application status on MOSAIC. Many applicants will instead see the status of “initiated”.

The PA Program sends the first round of interview invitations by email in early April."


Yeah, I was referring to the status on the supp app verification page, not Mosaic. I can't actually find the status of my app on Mosaic (???) so idk about that. 

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^^ Actually if you go into MOSAIC,click on student center and scroll all the way down, there should be a little box that you have to check off. After you check off the box, you are then able to see your application status (I wasn't able to see it before either until a friend told me about this).  


Hopefully this helps & good luck! :)   

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