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Help With A Course I'm Failing + My Chances?

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petition the mark off your transcript. If you have the evidence that you claim then it shouldn't be too hard to take it off your transcript. 


My concern is that it's full year. I'm very very very troubled right now as literally my whole future is crashing down due to one grade (and yes I have ALL the necessary proofs ranging from medical notes from my doctor, anti depressant prescriptions, counselor reports, etc)


Confused, the stats you posted above; are those with the condition of keeping the course, but having it removed due to the various schools calculation policies? Or is it assuming you did well on the course keeping status quo, and maintained full load? 


Please clarify, i could just be tired and misreading..


This is assuming that I maintain a FULL COURSELOAD throughout 3 years of university BUT the grade for the FAILING course is REMOVED (I believe the term is aegrotat standing)

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AEG is a viable option, buy generally that still assigns a grade based on work you have done. You need to do really well on the remainder of the course and then pursue what options you have.


Nso you haven't answered, but is it even possible to drop this class on your own accord right now? (Most schools it would be way too late at this point). You should oreally be comparing your GPAs in terms of option 1: dropping the course and losing full load for the year or 2. Keeping the course with bad mark and keeping full load. The 3rd option you proposed with keeping full load but getting credit for the class isn't currently in play.

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Aegrotat does not assign a grade guys. I have received one before. It just says AEG on my transcript for the courses (2) I received it on FOR LAST SEMESTER. This FULL year course was also last semester HENCE why my grade is so in the gutter. 


Also, postponing med school isn't an option. I can't even tell my family of my depression and when they hear I'm trying to postpone... Idk what will happen. But this is a separate story on its own and I don't want to go into further details.


My question is, what should I do about a course that I'm failing because I had  a seriously BAD semester. There is no hope of recovery.

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Full-time status vs. a failing grade? You definitely should have dropped it. Now if you drop, it will probably show up on your transcript. Talk to someone at your institution, show your proof and say that you must drop it for your well-being. Seriously, for future reference maintaining a full course load is negligible compared to a failing/ low grade on your transcript.

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