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What Are My Chances For 2015 Application Cycle?

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Hey guys,


I will be applying to the uOttawa MD program in 2015 as an IP OOO applicant.


My wGPA will be 3.93333/4 


Do I have good chances of getting an interview? 


My EC's are  - hospital volunteer (at two hospitals), Co-chair of a club, little research (no pubs), few scholarships, volunteered abroad.


Appreciate your feedback. :)

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This person got an invite, 


Date Stamp: 28/01/2015 - 09:38 AM

Location: OOO (IP)
Stream: English
wGPA: 3.89
Current year: 4th year
ECs: Extensive. ED volunteer/leader, health quality improvement research, peer mentor, referee, health magazine writer, auxiliary police officer


As well, there was someone with a 3.93 who also got one, so there is hope. :)

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I think having an EC that really is big to your application and is unique gives you a good leg up. They're going to see thousands of stuff like "Hospital Volunteer" on peoples sketches, if you have something that really makes you stand out that would be awesome! Your GPA is good but keep working hard! The higher the better! It really comes down to your top 3 sketch items (employment, volunteering, EC's, awards/accomplishments, research). Do you have any job experience? That could be big too! 

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