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Different Major Difficulty


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 Not really a question or concern just general discussion.  Have you guys ever noticed a vast difficulty between majors in your school in fairly similar majors. IE. at my school for the biochemistry courses (2) and chemistry courses i took they marked labs normal, if made a mistake reasonable amount of points off. Sometimes they would be nice and not dock as much points as they could have. So basically normal, the lab component doesnt bring up mark a bunch or drag you down a bunch. 


 Now I have taken quite a few biology courses, and it is the exact opposite. First of all the TA's all tell you different stuff, and even worse the actual lab instructors tell you different things too. Then they mark incredibly hard one mistake lose a lot of points, and having a friend who is a TA I have been told they mark intentionally hard, and are told the class should not pass lab quizzes etc.  The lab averages are often very low (60's) and drag peoples averages way down. 


Anyone else ever experience this?

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As someone who swtiched majors 3 times before deciding, I can say there's a lot less difference in difficulty than people seem to think. I've been a chem, bio, biochem major and I honestly had to work the same in either program to get 90's. They are all very different-chem is harder math, concepts. But the amount of time it took me to memorize everything (literally...) in bio was as long as a massive chem lab. 

I just find people in some programs like to complain more ;)

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