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How To Get Better At Critical Analysis And Reasoning On The Mcat?

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There are lots of posts on this topic, but I know it can be hard to search the forum. MathToMed wrote a very good one about VR that you should search out.

I have said this on other threads I think, but my best tip is this: I would pause very briefly after each paragraph to think to myself "what is this paragraph saying". Then I would write down a few words to summarize that point. Max like 4 words. It helped a lot because a lot of the questions are about what is the main idea of the passage. If you have thought about it already, you are one step ahead. You also have a bit of a map of the passage to go back to. I actually ended up going back to the passages to find info or check if my memory was correct quite often. I think that going back to check things in the passage is a lot more helpful than you would think. 

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