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Waiting For The Week Of March 16Th


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No time to relax. Gotta prep for other interviews in March. 

Ohh that is so exciting, good luck! I guess I just meant to ask what people are doing to avoid thinking about those stations and stressing about decisions. I can't be the only one who keeps thinking about what I should have done differently :rolleyes: ? I know there's no use in doing that at all but I can't help it!

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Perle, you're not the only one :)

At the end of the day, you most likely made some mistakes just like everyone else but there is no point on worrying about them...We don't even know precisely how we are evaluated. They could be trivial. Anyways, what you say is certainly important, but how you say it is important too. Saying the "wrong" thing but showing you have the right intention, mindset, critical thinking or being calm, respectful and empathetic might be more than enough! 


Evaluators themselves sometimes know that they would not react in an optimal way or cover ALL the aspects that could be covered in a complex MMI station. Relax and I hope you get some good news.


PS: I'm definitely freaking out too!!! :o

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