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Looks like you have a decent overall profile, I would get the MSAR and start making your list - also see the numerous other posts in this forum of people's lists to compare. Apply broadly to all low/midtier USMD schools that take Canadians/internationals. Weather or not you get interviews will really depend on the applicant pool and how much your ECs stand out making up for your GPA/MCAT.

Although, what is concerning is your downward trend "3.85, 3.82, 3.72, 3.26,". What happened in your 4th year? The 3.75 gpa in the MPH won't help too much to alleviate that, since many people have the perception of masters grades being inflated.

I would also apply to 5-6 USDO schools of the 11-12 that take Canadians, and i'm sure you would get at least 2-3 interviews.

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