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Selling Berkeley Review Mcat Set + Tons Of Online Practice Tests

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With this bundle, you have everything you need to succeed on the MCAT and I am simply giving back to my fellow peers (I received a 38 on the MCAT). In this bundle, you will receive the following:


Full Berkeley Review (2011) set: Physics l + ll, Gen. Chem. l + ll, Org. Chem. l + ll, Biology l + ll, Verbal Reasoning

Note that the books do have some writing  (scratch notes) but the anwsers to the questions are not circled or written. I  also have two sets of the Berkeley Review book bundle.


PLUS, all these online resources:


- Kaplan Full length exams (1-11) + detailed solutions

- TPR Full length exams (1-9) + detailed solutions

- Berkeley Review Full length exams (6-8) + detailed solutions

- TPR's online Full length exams for: Complete MCAT 2015, Cracking the MCAT, MCAT elite, and more (ISBN # to register book will be given)


- Discrete subject AND topical tests on all four subjects (Kaplan)

- TPR Hyperlearning Science Review Workbook


- EK Verbal 101 

- TPR Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review (Includes 2 full tests)

- Inquarta's 30 MCAT Verbal Passages + Solutions (AMAZING!)


ASKING PRICE: $475 --> Now $350 (Willing to negotiate)


**Willing to ship anywhere in Canada free of charge


If you are interested, email  me back at tran-23@hotmail.com 

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