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Which Companies For Nserc Industrial Usra?


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Hi guys


I am a fourth year life sciences student and I have been looking into the NSERC Industrial Awards through which I can fund a research opportunity with a private company.


Unfortunately, I don't know of any private companies that are either eligible for this award or have previously employed undergraduate students with it.


I would much appreciate it if anyone has previous experience with this award and can suggest eligible companies I can approach or provide any relevant information.



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 I did one last year. Honestly as long as the company has some sort of research area you are good to go. Approaching food companies usually works. Breweries, food product development, etc usually have more than you think. There was a company where I was looking that was making new environmental detergent that I could have worked for. If they have a project for you and write it up it will be acceptable to them, mine was as vague as product development, and researching blend rations (which was bs). 


 I would honestly just ask around, a key though and i mean vitally key is that they understand what you mean by research. I ended up working for a guy whose idea of "research" was just googling things to help find natural ways to make fertilizer or pesticide. With about 80% of my time doing extremely manual labour. Now I am not even sure how to list it on my application, and I am thinking I will just say had a summer job and not mention IUSRA so i dont have to lie and pretend did real research. 

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