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How Do I Calculate My Wgpa For Bc

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First off, does your transcript have %'s or just Letter grades /GPA's?

These grade conversion chart are used.


Then you convert each individual grade, and with the appropriate credit weighting.

Try it out in Excel, and then come back if you are still confused and I'd be happy to help.

They also drop your lowest year(up to a maximum of 30 credits aka 5 full year courses, or 10 half year courses), if you completed 120 credits minimum (thus having at least 90 credits remaining).  For the lowest year, if you have more than 30 credits, they take the lowest 30.


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Ah okay thats what I worked out on my handy calculator ~90%


And ah thats nice to know - so I am also evaluated on my MSc and must perform well eh?


Also if I applied with around a ~90% AGPA and strong EC's do I have a shot as an OOP applicant?


You certainly have a shot. A 90% GPA is strong enough at almost any school. It'll come down to ECs (which as an OOP at UBC must be stellar to receive an invite). Definitely worth applying.

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