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2Nd Ug Applicants

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Hi, I am completing an undergrad in biomed at McGill. Under refusal to Med next year I plan on starting a 2nd UG in a more competitive program, but would like to keep applying into med. 


What is the policy for UG applicants at this institution? Is it any different for applicants in their second UG? Which years / grades are taken into account in such application?




If you can answer any of these questions I'd be very thankful. 



Have a good day. 

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Hey there, 


From what I know for sure, they take in account all of your university grades for every year, so in your case, both from your first and eventual second Bachelor degree. 


Also, I'm pretty confident that if you already completed one undergrad, you can apply every year at  ULaval. 


Good luck!

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I feel inclined to ask... Have you thoroughly verified every option before pursuing a second undergrad? Id like to understand why you would choose this path in particular if have time to quickly summarize it for me!





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