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Very Confused...

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So I am a grade 12 student who is an aspiring doctor, I've learned lots of information from this site and I am looking to gather some more from this post. Basically I am trying my best to keep all of my options open, obviously I would prefer Canadian med schools but I won't be too upset going to US. I have been accepted to prestigious programs already such as UofT life science and Mac life science, but the most likely schools I will be going to is Brock or Guelph. Brock more likely because I could save lots of money by commuting and Guelph because I would be receiving a very nice scholarship which will be close the money saved by going to Brock. However I don't want to screw up my chances at good med schools in the US because I went to a not so known school like Brock for my undergrad, and I know that it won't matter for Canada but I know that some schools (Western) get very nice weighting schemes used in their marking calculations when applying to schools. When I look at the scale on this forum it says nothing about Brock or Guelph just a few bigger name schools, does anybody know what the gpa conversion would be from Brock to American schools?


Thanks a lot for any information shared, I am just a very confused high school kid...

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