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Mcat 2015: Prep Course Or Self-Study?


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Hi guys, 


I'm currently in my second-year undergrad. I have taken 1 year of biology, general chemistry and physics, 1 semester of organic chemistry, molecular biology and biochemistry.


I plan on writing the MCAT in late August, I am hesitating about whether to take a prep course or not (I'm looking at Princeton Review, costing $2000+15%tax = $2300 currently with a $200 discount). Another choice is to self-study, by getting review books from Princeton Review, Kaplan and Examcracker. 


Ideally, from both emotional and financial perspective, I want to score well the first time in August, so I don't need to take it a second time. Prep course certainly sounds professional and all, but IF self-studying can lead to equally great results, I would rather save 2000 bucks... It's A LOT! 


So what would be a better plan? 


1) Just the prep course with Princeton Review

2) Prep course with Princeton Review, and also buy Kaplan or Examcracker books

3) Self-study with books from all 3 companies


I would love to hear your opinions/experiences, or your own plans! Other plans are welcome too ;)


Thanks for your input!


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Prep course not necessary, just get the resources and create a study plan to keep discipline. The biggest thing is to do alot of actual problem solving than simply content review.  Don't get stuck trying to know "all the content" first before doing problems, that's a common trap people fall into. Do content review and then move on to doing as many problems as possible - you will reinforce the content via problems. Then move onto practice tests- while the new MCAT won't have many practice tests, see what prep companies are developing their own in-house versions. Do some of the AAMC practice tests for the old MCAT as well for problems, as I doubt the sciences are going to significantly change w.r.t the topics that are still being covered - but do your research and visit the AAMC website to do a comparison and get the list of testable topics.

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