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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone could make some suggestions about which schools I should apply to given my stats:

~3.85 gpa (3.74,3.85,3.91,3.91), 33 MCAT (10V,10P,13B)

-extracurriculars are probably less than average- intramural sports, volunteer work with marginalized populations, leadership role in a charity, a year of hospital volunteering, 1 summer, and 1.5 years of research (no publications)


Which schools should I be aiming for? Would it be worthwhile to re-take the MCAT this summer and apply the following year?

Also, I have not yet taken 2 semesters of english and I have only taken 1 semester of organic chem. I will have to do these prerequisites next year. This means I will not be able to get a LOR from a humanities professor if I apply this summer- is this a problem?


Thanks for taking the time to advise me!

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No need to retake the MCAT. Buy MSAR and apply broadly to all low and midtier USMD schools. And apply to some USDO schools as well. See other posts for respective Canadian friendly lists..


You can do the pre reqs anytime before matriculation . dont need it before you apply. For the non science LOR, it doesn't have to be from English -and not all schools require it


Be sure to get DR shadowing and a LOR from a MD or DO.


Biggest thing is to be ready and apply right when the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications open. So get all your personal statement, ec and work descriptions etc done before hand. The apo is usually open a month before you can submit.

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Your MCAT might be alright if you are not aiming for top tier schools. My $0.02

I'd agree if the OP's ECs were much stronger, unfortunately the top tier schools require strong leadership skills and other ECs to fill their classes - if they wanted to, most of them could fill them and have high 30's MCAT averages if they wanted to. But they don't mind a slightly lower score - like a 33 for example, if the ECs are strong. They simply get too many strong applicants.

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