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Hello everyone,


Congratulations to those who received interview invites from Western today. I am super excited for this incredible opportunity!


I am looking to practice with other students via Skype or in person. If you're interested in practicing with me please message below or PM me. :)


I am generally in Mississauga so if anyone wants to meet up and practice in Mississauga/Brampton, that would be great. Depending on how many people show interest in the practice group, I can create a Facebook group for easier communication!


Good luck to all! :)

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That's awesome!


I can start practicing from the week of March 23 and on.  I am pretty much free on Fridays so if that's convenient for you guys, perhaps you can suggest times that work the best. Please feel free to suggest other days and times. :)


Also, how does the Mississauga central library sound for location? I am open to other suggestions as well :)

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