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Hi All,


I've never used this forum before and I'm a little nervous.  I'm 27 and only started to think about medicine in the last year, mainly because I never I though it was an option for me without a science background. I'm wondering if you might be able to provide feedback about my chances- it would be so greatly appreciated.


In 2005 I entered university for a Commerce degree.  I was 17 with very little direction and no life experience.  I failed miserably (0.97 GPA just to give you a picture of how bad it really was) and dropped out of school.  I spent the next 2 years working as a professional model living in Canada, Europe and the States.  


At 20 I re entered university. Determined to study something I was really interested in, I started a classic liberal arts program. I graduated with a DegGPA of 3.72. I then completed a Master's in Religious Studies.


I worked for 10 years on and off in a Doctor's office part time while I was in school. I started as an administrator, then progressed to working on clinical trials, and now I take preliminary histories. I've remained working there because I love the interaction with patients. 


My main job (full time) is a relatively high level position in the university where I work in a religious studies research centre. 


I am currently taking science prereqs part time. I received an A- in chemistry and will complete organic and biology this summer where I expect similar grades. 


I do not have any publications, but will try and have my thesis published in the coming months. It was well received by members of the department at the time but is in no way related to medicine. Do publications make a huge difference?


I have some volunteering (president of my alumni chapter and a few similar things, but very little relating directly to medicine).


I would be eligible to apply for NTP as I am a quebec resident who wont have the physics pre reqs. 


Any advice/ guidance would be so much appreciated.  Please be as candid as possible! I realize this might just be a ridiculous fantasy and I'd really like for someone to tell me either way.  


All best, 



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I also come from a social science background and also have had to complete the science prerequisites on a PT basis so don't discourage because you don't have a hard science background as I was accepted yesterday!


I can't really comment on your chances however, since well, I don't really know how they evaluate candidates but at first glance your GPA is a bit on the low end so I think you really need to have an amazing CV and also a good personal narrative to get a good shot at scoring an interview. You might want to download the CVPN document http://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/elements to see what categories might be lacking in your CV and see if there is anyway for you to beef it up before you apply and make sure you have something within each or most of the categories.


Also something else to think about is choosing NTP vs. University. NTP has very few spots available (3) compared to university level (90-ish) so your chances of being admitted in NTP are much smaller. You might want to consider completing the physics classes in order to be eligible in the Uni cohort. GL

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For this cycle, the NTP average for interview invites is 3.79, not far off the 3.82 for Quebec University.  (The sample size is so small for NTP though it's really hard to predict what the average is in any year).  3.72 is not highly competitive, but it's not non-competitive either, so you should consider university pathway as well. 

The AAMC says more than 50% of applicants with a social science background are accepted (which is actually better than people with science backgrounds) in the States.  I don't know what the stats are like in Canada, but you should not see your liberal arts degree as a hindrance.


Sounds like you're worried that other than your on and off part time job, you have nothing in your CV that is medicine related.  I think I can relate in that I also didn't start considering medicine till a couple of years ago (after I started a PhD), at which point I had no clinical/hospital work or volunteering experience, no MCAT, and not many extracurriculars (what I did have were definitely not medicine related).  I took a chance and applied to McGill even though I felt under-prepared and thought my profile still looked I'm applying to grad school. Lo and behold, I got an interview.  


I doubt your first degree works against you in any way and your second degree GPA is high enough to show that you can handle the academic rigor of med school.  From your profile it certainly seem like you'd be an interesting applicant. Med school is possible, but with McGill's evaluation system pre-interview, applecrisp's right, you'd better have a killer CV and personal statement (not that you shouldn't anyway).

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