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K so another one of these...and yes I will be looking at MSAR this weekend to make my list, but I would like to perhaps hear some feedback from people who already went through this process.


GPA: 3.3, 3.47, 3.97, and looking like a 4.0 this last year


MCAT: 34 first attempt, 9 VR/11 PS/ 14 BS


EC: 100 hours hospital volunteering, two summers of doc shadowing (80-100 hours), cultural dance team for 2 years, Leader at a summer camp , executive of a club, summer research etc. etc. 


LORS- for my academic references I'm going to be asking my profs who taught me seminar courses this year, so let's hope they aren't too busy..... What did other people do to get their academic references? The prof who I worked for didn't actually teach me and works at a separate university than I actually go to ( I go to school in ON from AB)


So...chance me? Low-tier and mid-tier right?

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Are all your years full-load? Once you get the 4.0 under your belt you'll be in a better position. The upward trend helps - do you intend on doing a 5th year at all?

The standard apply to low and mid-tiers applies. Your ECs seem below average, but its about quality not quantity. A metric i can't judge based on your sparse description.

Apply first thing when the cycle opens, pre-write secondaries and be on top of it. Get your LORs well in advance. Generally you'll want 1 DR letter, 2 Science LORS and 1 non science LOR to cover bases at most schools.

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