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How To Impress Perceptors On Electives

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I am an IMG seeking IM residency in Canada. IM is very competitive for IMG's so I am planning to do some canadian electives in IM.


Electives are crucial for me (since I am not from a canadian school so nobody knows the quality of my med school education and they need to evaluate me directly during electives) so please please please I need all the advice you can give me on how to impress my perceptors to get excellent LOR's.


Thank you

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They want residents who are 1. hardworking 2. good interpersonal skills 3. knowledgeable. Hardworking = being on time, keen, appear interested, volunteer to help out the team. Good interpersonal skills means being nice and polite to everyone and also clear in communication (concise, appropriate) when talking to patients/family/consultants/presenting cases. Knowledgeable comes from daily reading, studying, so approach your studying with the purpose of being able to use it in clinical practice rather than studying for the exam. Also read and study a lot before the elective to focus on the high yield topics. If you have these, then you should at least get a satisfactory grade. Some times, it really comes down to whether you have a preceptor whose personality fit with yours and likes you as a person to get a great reference letter. But the solid work ethic, interpersonal skills, and knowledge are prerequisite to a strong letter of reference doesn't matter how well you get along with the preceptor. 

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