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Sorry to bother everyone but I would really appreciate some advice!


This previous semester, I took 5 courses, which is usually expected, however I decided to switch my major as I just lack passion in the subject and struggle very hard to maintain my grades. There wouldn't be a problem except that one of the courses I took this semester is a full year course. I have tried to ask my professor for a pass/fail credit or even grade for the first half but that did not work out.


Since I am behind in my new degree, I will have to take 5 courses (Analytical Chemistry II + Lab, Physical Chemistry I + Lab, Biochemistry I + Lab, Organic Chemistry II + Lab and Calculus II) in order to graduate on time. Therefore, in order to maintain my full course load, I would have to either stay in the course (6 courses + 5 labs) or drop it and enrol in another course.


I feel I can handle the course load as I have been a strong academic student and am willing to put in the work, especially in the field I am switching to, but was wondering if it is really worth it? My GPA, at least in my province, is a not problem with my application, so would it be better to just drop the course and lose weighting formulas? I feel my time would be better spent on ensuring my grades stay where they are and focusing on my weak part, extracurricular activities.


Thank you very for your time and advice would very appreciated!

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