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Preparing For Residency, More Of A Question For Imgs Post Matching

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not sure if this is the right place to ask but I know there are a few IMGs floating around here. I was wondering if after you match there are any resources avaialble to IMGs (online/courses/auditing med student lectures) that help you prepare for the practicalities of the systems here when starting a residency. At home we had a course for final year med students called 'preparing for practice' that taught you a bunch of practical stuff that you needed to be an intern that maybe isn't taught so didactically on the wards. I guess CMGs get something similar in their last year of med school and learn how things work for their rotations and electives.


also do CMGs use specific apps/books for looking up drug names and doses quickly on the wards (at home we have a formulary that everyone uses universally especially in pediatrics).


any advice from IMGs or CSAs that have matched previously and transitioned into the canadian system or CMGs as to what you practically go to as resources on the wards would be much appeciated!


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I can't speak for IMGs, but I might answer a few questions.


In my school we did have a course right before starting clerkship but it was not useful at all. Most of us just learned during the rotations.


Here's a few app that I use:

Epocrates (for drug doses, free)

Micromedex drug reference (for drug doses, free if your university is subscribed)

Medscape (for diseases, free)

UpToDate (for diseases, free if your university is subscribed)

Dynamed (for diseases, free if your university is subscribed. cheaper than UpToDate if not)

QxRead (to access journal articles, free)

Qx calculate (many clinical calculators, free)

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