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What Proportion Of Applicantions Satisfy The Minimum Criteria?


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'It can't hurt to apply'. I suspect that that thought characterizes the relevant rationale of many applicants who don't satisfy the minimum requirements, but who apply nonetheless. (I don't fault them for that.) 


By your estimate, what proportion of applications satisfy the minimum criteria? 

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Not sure you would ever get that exactly - and I suppose most importantly it would depend on the school.


For instance Western has pretty stable cut offs in reaction to the applicant pool. Recently they only really changed because in various ways the mcat got easier. There are still over 3000 applicants for 450 odd interview spots. People hope they cut offs will change again in their favour - that can and has happened.


Other schools don't have as strict a cut off - or at least you don't know it really in advance. For instance Ottawa has a cut off system for GPA but then has a file review so we don't really know who falls into what pile when not given an interview.


I have always thought though the number excluded for "cut off" reasons though is relatively high all things considered.

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