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Question: Peds Neuro

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Quick question, how competitive is peds neurology?


I have spent a time in developmental peds/physiatry/neuro-onc during electives and preclerkship and find it fascinating. However, I also found there to be a lot of cross over with neurology and now may be considering that program.



I noticed that UBC has peds neuro open in the second iteration, is this because it is not that competitive or because they selectively chose to not rank candidates?


Thank you for your time.

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as a prior applicant: you need at least one elective in peds neuro. It does not even have to be at the schools with the program you desire if it doesn't work out...but you must show aptitude and interest in the spec and at least one peds neuro preceptor letter.


It is a very small community of specialists--likely each program will know the individual that writes that reference.


It is a great specialty and I thought long and hard about choosing something else... :)

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