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Pharmacist Now Looking To Med?


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Hey everyone,


I will be graduating from pharmacy this spring, and as much as I love pharmacy I've learned along the way through rotations that I really want to be more hands on with patients. I want to make more interventions in their care, and develop closer relationships. During my rotations I have been more interested in being with the doctors to watch procedures, discuss treatments and pathophysiology, etc. I want to do more than pharmacy will allow.


Quite a few people in my class have actually applied and been accepted to medical school. It seems pretty common now that some people do pharmacy and then med. I want to do it too, I'm just wondering if I'm a good applicant?


My undergrad BSc final GPA was 3.7. However, the last 4 years of pharmacy school I didn't maintain top grades as there wasn't the pressure to do so in pharmacy school. My grades in pharmacy school were typically mid 70s and low 80s, with average grade being 75-78 each year. Are these grades too low to even think about medical school?


Also, since I was focused on pharmacy, during school I worked mostly in pharmacies to gain experience. My extra-curriculars are extremely lacking. Pharmacy was a busy program so I mostly worked and studied, I didn't volunteer over the past 4 years. Any ideas for what I could do over the next year to improve them or what actually matters for admissions?


Thanks so much!

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Any chance your best 2 years from your BSc meet the cut-offs for those schools that look at best 2 years?

Otherwise based on face value, you're probably out of the running with the low pharmacy grades - at this point, without further improvements. 

We need more information on year by year breakdowns  etc.

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