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Volunteer Experience- Medically Related!

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping to get some ideas on what others have done for medically related volunteering?


I'm a mature applicant and haven't had much experience in the hospital. I work full time during the day which makes it difficult to take advantage of some of the opportunities at the hospital to try and close the gap. I have extensive community volunteer experience but I'm really struggling with finding something that fits in my schedule to help in the medically-related category. I've been helping with meal assistance at the hospital and have been a FeedNS Helpline volunteer, but I would really like some other ideas on what opportunities are available. Any advice I culd get would be fantastic!



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I'm also a mature applicant and I've been working throughout the whole application and interviewing process so I know it can be stressful and very time-constraining! In terms of medically related experiences, I've been volunteering as a resident and family care volunteer at a local hospice. My responsibilities are usually to help out nursing staff in providing care to patients (i.e., moving, feeding, etc.), keeping residents company, talking to residents' families, answering call bells, and delivering meals. I think the experience has been invaluable and I find it very rewarding. Although it's not exactly a hospital experience, you do get a sense of what it is working with vulnerable people and it gives you a first-hand experience in dealing with patients. An added benefit is that you can volunteer evenings and weekends. I highly recommend inquiring about possible hospice volunteering!

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