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Its almost time so I thought I would do a public service and start a thread where everyone can post. Posting what program the invite is to -Manitoba, UofT or Mac, if you have a confirmed invite, wait list or rejection. It would also be nice if you can post a little bit of your background GPA etc so its possible to gauge entry requirements.


Good luck everyone. 

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was invited to an interview on May 2 at 1:15 (McMaster).


I know I'll probably get asked for them, so here are my stats:


Overall GPA of 3.87, currently completing second year undergrad in integrated science at carleton. 19 years old.

Varsity rugby player. Volunteer note-taker 9 hours per week. I have been working at a medical center for almost 3 years now as a medical office assistant. Also a teaching assistant for first year calculus and a first year seminar class. Spent last summer doing undergraduate research and produced a paper.


Good luck to the rest of you! I hope you all hear good news as well!



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15/04/15 @ 4:55pm

 I received an invitation from UofT for their MMI May 4th 2015.


GPA - no idea how UofT transcribed my UK results however WES rated it just shy of 3.0 which I disagree with.

4 year undergraduate Degree BSc (hons) in Genetics from Glasgow university Scotland,

postgraduate degree in Information Technology also from Glasgow university.


New Canadian citizen, Registered Practical Nurse scoring mid 90% and won several awards during my studies here. New grad working in a busy ER department full time since registration to allow me to hit the required paid hours of healthcare experience. Both my undergraduate and my training for RPN contained anatomy and physiology and completed first year Chemistry during my first year of undergraduate means I have achieved all the preferred criteria.


Congratulations to all those with interview and good luck to those still waiting or sitting on wait lists.

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