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Volunteering With My Local Church- Right Or Wrong ?


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Hello everyone,


I am volunteering with my local church. We have made what is called a science club. Essentially what we are doing is we are looking for scientific evidence that supports the bible's story of creation and explaining it to the kids at my church.


We are doing this because all what kids take at school is the theory of evolution. We want to teach our kids that the bible is science too.


So I am planning to apply to med school and I am worried if I should put this on my application or not.


I am afraid that it will raise a red flag that I am some sort of 'anti-science applicant' - although we are looking for scientific evidence nothing more nothing less......... but I am worried that I may not be even granted an interview to explain my point of view because of this !


I am afraid that I will come across as anti-science anti-abortion anti-IVF applicant and all the anti's in the world  :o


Should I be worried ? Am I exaggerating ?  :confused:


As a sidenote, is this a good EC to begin with ? Is it even considered volunteering or is it considered like some sort of religious thing ? Is this something med schools wanna see ?


It would be great if someone who also volunteered with a church could shed some light on this topic.

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I'm hoping this is a serious post, but very worried that it's not.


Volunteering with a church or other religious group is absolutely fine for an EC for applying to medical school. Many people do it, churches can be a great way to become more involved in your community in a positive way.


Doing what you're suggesting, however, could easily be a red flag, because it's a complete misunderstanding of what science actually entails. Science isn't having a viewpoint, finding pieces of evidence that happen to fit that viewpoint, and being satisfied. Science involves observing the world around you, deriving a viewpoint from those observations, looking for evidence both for and against it, then changing your viewpoint based on that evidence*. If you're not considering evidence against what the Bible says and not changing your stance of the Bible's accuracy based on that contrary evidence - and there is quite a bit of it - then you're not doing anything close to science. Calling it that would be a big red flag in my book.


You can be a devoutly religious person - including believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible - and still be an excellent physician. But calling that belief scientific betrays a startling lack of understanding of what science is, and you cannot be an excellent physician without that basic understanding of the scientific process.


*Not an entirely accurate or comprehensive definition, but close enough

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I am curious as to what is in my post that makes it look like I am trolling ?


I can affirm that I am dead serious !


I have recently immigrated to Canada and maybe I don't know some info that are considered as common sense to some of you. But I am not trolling !

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