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Hi everyone :)


I'm preparing for the MMIs and I was wonderint what book is the best to get prepared? I've seen this topic but it dates from 2012:




So The following books looks great, but please tell me which one is better and if you have other suggestions do not hesitate:


- Doing right

- Kevyn To M.D. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for the Mind

- this one: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/1905812051/ref=pd_aw_sims_5?pi=SY115&simLd=1


Thank you!

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I have this book:


"Medical School Interviews: a Practical Guide to Help You Get That Place at Medical School" by George Lee and Olivier Picard, 2013 edition


and I'm looking to sell! I live in Toronto so if you want to buy it let me know! I found it very helpful when prepping for my MMIs :) got into Calgary so I'm happy to say I don't need it anymore! Would like to pass on the good karma :)

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Also I would have to say that Doing Right is worth every penny you will spend on it. I love it and am not selling my copy because I hope to keep it and refer to it throughout my career! This MMI book (the one I've posted about above) is extremely useful in terms of prep, but Doing Right is amazing and explaining medical ethics and I would say that it should be your first purchase. The MMI practice book is great for familiarizing yourself with the kinds of question they'll ask, so I did think it was worth my money :)

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