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Which School Is Your First Choice?

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  1. 1. AB applicants: If you are accepted to all the schools you interviewed at, which one is your #1 choice?

    • University of Alberta
    • University of Calgary
    • I would prefer OOP school (eg. UBC, U of T, Queen's, Western, Ottawa, etc)

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First of all, I am sure everyone will be delighted if they are accepted to ONE school, let alone multiple. I don't have very high hopes for myself. :P But if you are given the opportunity to pick between schools, which one will you pick come May 15th? I just randomly chose U of A forum to make the thread, so don't take it as a sign of bias or anything, haha. Any lurkers out there... please feel free to make an account and vote! I think it will be somewhat helpful (depending on the sample size) for people who end up being waitlisted. 


Note: This poll is only intended for Alberta IP applicants who interviewed at BOTH schools this cycle OR interviewed at one of the two schools and OOP. Please refrain from voting otherwise. It is completely anonymous. 

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Looks like most of y'all want to go to UofA. It's my (only) choice as well ... I will gladly leave Calgary for Edmonton for the sake of attending that school!  :cool:


And I will gladly trade you places when you get in here and I (hopefully) get into UofC! My parents are very nice and my room is comfortable. It's all yours!

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How many applicants would you guys estimate are interviewed at both U of A and U of C? 

Hard to say really. I would suspect that the overlap might not be as much as you would initially think, because the schools are so diametrically opposed when it comes to what they look for in applicants.

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