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I don't get how it works...

Guest krnboy

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Guest krnboy

If you apply in the third year, they look at your 1st and 2nd year marks only?

If I were to go into co-op, this is what would happen:


1st year

1A Fall: 5 courses

1B Winter: 5 Courses

Summer: Off


2nd year

2A Fall: 5 courses

Winter: co-op

2B Summer: 5 courses


3rd year (This is very important)

Fall: co-op

3A Winter: 5 courses

Summer: co-op


4th year (also important)

*3B* Fall: 5 courses

Winter: co-op

4A Summer: 5 courses


5th year

Fall: co-op

4B Winter: 5 courses and I'm finished


This really complicates my situation.

By October 15, I need to hand in all my transcript. However, not only can't I apply in my third year, I don't think I can apply in my fourth year because of my awkward schedule.


My question is...

because of my awkward schedule, when is the earliest I can apply for med school?

This will finally determine whether I will attend waterloo or not.


Hope to hear back from you guys. Thanks :)

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Guest pasoo

Hey there,


from your schedule, 1 course is a half year credit?


If so, you wont be able to apply in 3rd year because at the end of third year, you will only have 12.5 full year credits...you will be short by 2.5 full year credits (or 5 courses in your case)


so u might have to apply in 4th year

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Guest krnboy



well even if I went to UT and applied in my 3rd year, there wouldn't be any guarantee that I would get into med school that year.

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Guest babytiger

hey. i never thought about this..

the whole schedule of coop and med in third year...

you make me.. think more. lol:|



even if you cant' apply in your third year, i think the experience that you gain from coop will be really great that another year woudnt hurt too much.


orr.. can't you take summer courses in the first year?


good luck deciding!! time's running out!!!!!!:rolleyes

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Guest steak

Remember, if you're set on both applying to med in 3rd year, as well as being in co-op, you have enough time to take courses (on campus if your co-op term is in waterloo, by DE if elsewhere) to get you to the number of req'd courses.


Depending on the school, you may or may not need to do a full course load in some of your co-op terms.


Alternatively, you could enter the regular (non co-op) stream and still apply to co-op jobs during the summers (just browse the co-op postings and apply directly - career services certainly doesn't let you know you can do this, but there's not much they can do to prevent it...)

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Guest Head Dawg

Your schedule is indeed correct.


What I did was I decided to remove myself from co-op after the 2B term and did a school term instead of my second work term placement. This allowed me to apply after 3 years. I had initially wanted to do the full 5 years and then go to meds, but reconsidered and tried to get in as soon as possible.

The three school terms in a row were a little rough, but I got through it.

Just some things to think about.


Good luck!

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