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Minimum Gpa Required To Maintain Acceptance

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Does anyone know what the minimum GPA requirement is to maintain an acceptance from each of the Ontario schools? My grades will probably drop a bit this year (4th year undergrad) to 3.87, and while I feel like it wouldn't be low enough to get rejected if I do get an acceptance (also I might be in terrible shape if I have to reapply), I'm curious as to what the expectation for upholding academic standings is post-acceptance.


Thanks guys! 

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It is usually 3.85


It is, for the past few years. Confirmed by emailing them :). For Ottawa. As for Western, yeah your top 2 yr GPA is what matter. When it matters about your current year is if you only used 1 year and your current year is going to be your 2nd year and they give you a conditional acceptance. If it falls below that 3.7 than you are out.

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