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School using just VR and WS from MCAT?

Guest dddd

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I seem to rememer looking at one of the med school sites where it mentioned that for the MCAT calculations they only looked at VR and the writing sample. I haven't been able to find it again, and I'm wondering if it was a figment of my imagination. Anyone know if this school exists? Thanks.

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Guest bad hombre



at western, you need to surpass a cutoff for each of the mcat sections (as well as a GPA cutoff) to qualify for an interview.


Once you receive an interview, your best year GPA counts for 25%, VR and WS combined counts for another 25%, and the interview counts for 50% of your total admissions score.


However, the interview is by far the most critical factor at this point. Many people get accepted with the bare minimum GPA and VR/WS, while many are rejected with 4.00s and huge mcat scores.


good luck

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