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Grad Applicant - Should I Retake The Mcat, Or Just Apply? Advice Appreciated!

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Hello everyone!


Long time lurker, finally decided to make myself known, since I'm in serious need of advice. I'd really appreciate any help you guys can offer :)


Here's my issue:


Currently, I'm a masters student (research-based), defending my thesis in August. Master's cGPA is a 4.0


My undergrad stats are a 3.52 OMSAS cGPA, with a 3.74, and 3.96 fourth and fifth year, respectively. I also count for weighting for all five years of my undergrad, which gives me about a 3.78 wGPA at UofT, and a 3.72  wGPA in uOttawa's calculation.


As for the MCAT, I've taken it 3 times (I know, I know):


1st time: 29 total, with 9 VR, 10 BS, 10 PS


2nd time: 28 total, with 9 VR 9 BS, 9 PS


3rd time: 30 total, with 11 VR, 10 BS, 9 PS



My ECS are pretty standard- I'll get a publication out of my thesis, I've presented at two conferences, got a masters scholarship, volunteer, research assistant, etc. 


I'm really at a loss as to what to do here- should I just go ahead and apply, or take the new MCAT this summer? I'm thinking the new one might play more to my strengths, than the old one ( I'm much more of an integrated thinker), But of course, its a risk.


I think that with my stats, the best chance I’ve got is at Western or Queens for Ontario schools, so that’s why I would consider doing it again (or for the first time, depending on how you look at it) .

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance!


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In terms of your weighted GPA, I think you may find it difficult to get an interview, to be frank.  Definitely not at uOttawa and Queen's is unlikely, especially given your MCAT score (don't worry, I wrote it more than once as well).  I only say this because realistically, your GPA is going to hold you back.  I know tons of people with average ECs and with MCATs way higher than a 30, but with the GPA being less than at least a 3.8 (but really a 3.85), it's not likely that you'll get an interview (they didn't even with pubs).  Potentially at McMaster, but you would need to perform exceedingly well on CASPer.  Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the feedback :)


My 2 years undergrad GPA for Queens and Western would be a 3.85 though, ( 3.74 +3.96/2) and when I apply, I'd have a masters degree. 


So the question is, should I try the new MCAT ( thereby having taken it 4 times), or take my chances with just  Mac, and possibly Dalhousie too?

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Throw an application to Mac and U of T this coming cycle. Your chances at both are on the lower side, but certainly not zero at either.


It's a bit risky to rewrite the MCAT, since a drop in the PS could take you out of the running for U of T and anything lower on the VR would make Mac very difficult to get an interview with, but a rewrite is your best pathway to meaningfully improve your chances. You're not that far off from being in good shape for both Western and Queen's.


On the balance of things, I'd say writing the new MCAT is probably a good move, but I'd be cautious - really take the time to do practice quizzes and judge where you're likely to stand on a rewrite. If your practice quizzes aren't turning out reliably better than your previous results, I wouldn't bother. But, if you're showing a high likelihood of maintaining your scores and a reasonable chance of improving them, go for it.

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Your GPA limits the schools at which you are likely to have a shot, but you're certainly not out of the running altogether. Try Mac (11 is a solid VR), Queen's, Western, you could even throw attempts at the Maritimes schools. Everyone has weaknesses in their apps, but they rarely completely eliminate you from every single school. 

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