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Visiting Student Ubc Course Recommendations?

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I am planning to take a fifth year at UBC as a visiting student and would find it really helpful if I could shortlist some upper year bird courses to select from the sea of courses. I am a biology major but I think I might just do a year of economics but regardless, please suggest me some GPA boosters in general. 


I tend to go with non essay type courses, preferably multiple choice exams (darn those initial years you spend to master the art of MCQs only to find long answers in upper years)


Thanks a lot. 

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So you're spending your whole fifth year at UBC? Are you sure you can do that..most programs require you to be on campus at the home institution for the final term(unless you plan on doing 6 years)


But yah, plenty of upper levels that are easy to get good grades in (provided you put in work)


Need more guidance tho on the types of classes your looking into?

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