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Hey there everyone,


I'm looking for people who have had experience applying to top-tier schools. There seem to be a bunch of schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Feinberg etc. who have MCAT Matriculating Medians of 36/37(according to MSAR). My question is, has anyone who has applied to these top tiers with slightly lower MCATs gotten interviews? My list of potential schools would probably change a lot depending on this. So I guess to sum it up...Should I apply to as many of these top tiers as possible, or apply very selectively to them?


Here are my stats for reference : 35 MCAT, AMCAS ~4.0 GPA, Avg ECs (research (no pubs), leadership in clubs, clinical exp, athletic clubs etc.)


Thank you.

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Heya, similar situation to you, 4.0 c/sGPA, 34+ MCAT, clinical experience etc. (I'm a grad student so should have a few pubs by end of summer).


I'm working on a list of schools myself, I don't want to apply to more than 12-15 schools and want to apply only to places I know I'd go if I were to be accepted... so it's essentially mid and top tier heavy.


If you'd like to work together on a list I've made a few posts over on SDN as well, message me!

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