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Yes I accepted. English stream. I also want to say do not give up hope if things do not work out this cycle. If you do not get in this cycle apply again! I am a graduate student. I think even though O


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I think it's fair to say that when they have vacancies they send out invites to fill those spots. They don't just have spots lying around that they will fill. So when people from wait list turn down offers that's when they make new offers. To be honest I'm pretty sure they are nearing the end of their list. Only people who decide last minute to pull their seat or don't meet the admissions requirement will open up more spots. Either way if you got an interview this round you will probably get one again and it's just a matter of practising really hard and killing it so you're in the highest interview group. Feel free to PM me if you want advice for your upcoming apps! Always here to help! I can only imagine how exhausting this process must be!

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It seems odd how this year they only seemed to go through first interview score and very few of the second

We don't know that for a fact, just speculation :) there are several ppl who don't write on this forum...so we will never know exactly what is going on with the waitlist. Remain hopeful! :)

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So it loos like the english waitlist has not moved much (based on forum activity) since mid June and we got some news that someone had just declined their offer a week ago.  That being said I wanted to know if anyone knows of others that have gotten off the good waitlist since then as well as how many good waitlist interview groups there are?  For example we went through the first good waitlist interview group and it is looking like we are at the second with the last person to get accepted at a wGPA 3.97.

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