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Mcgill - Liste D'attente/ Waiting List

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So there goes that theory. I guess we'll just have to wait. I know two years ago the waitlist almost didn't move at all until mid-June.


Well, that's comforting Mr. 21stGuy. It could be that IP admitted applicants wait until the very last moment to make their choice.

I find it hard not to try to rationalize why it hasn't move yet. I know it is a waste of time, but my mind is ever drawn towards this riddle.


Let's go, 10 days left for mid-June!

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Around 40 could mean 45. Lol   Actually, I find it mind boggling that they would put 45, or even >45, on the WL given the fact they know, we know, everyone knows the list doesn't even reach the 30

Hi there, MedMed23, I feel the same way as you do!   I was interviewed February 17th in IP category. I am currently ranked 2nd. I really hope it hasn't move because they are waiting to release. I'

Plus que 2 personnes et je rentre! C'mon! hahahaha

I know everyone has been talking about IP and the hopeful June 15th date, but how about for OOP? Do you guys think the same applies for that?



Also, I was thinking, do you think that it's possible people have declined but are just further down on the waitlist, but between you and the waitlist? So for ex. if I am #100 and the waitlist is at #2, everyone from #75-99 could have removed themselves without it showing on the waitlist site. Or do you think that minerva would update the cohort number in that case?

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If I were you, I would pay the UofT deposit to secure my spot.

If McGill is your first choice, wait and see what will happen in 1 month and a half. Nobody could predict the waiting list, you could certainly check the stats from the previous years (if McGill published it of course).

Either way, both schools are great. I hope that you will get your first choice school :)

Im a quebec IP accepted to UofT med, gave up hope on the mcgill waitlist but now I'm 5 spots away...not sure what I would do if I got in. Anybody think its likely it'll move 5 spots with a month and a half left?

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