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Hi everyone! 


So my situation kind of sucks and I don't know what to do.


I'm a dual British/Canadian citizen and I just finished my first year of undergrad here in Canada. However, due to personal circumstances I ended up with a terrible GPA (2.6). 


Last year I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life which is why I chose to go to undergrad. After shadowing dentists and attending the Ontario Dental Association's conference this year I realized that dentistry is what I want to do with my life.


Since I have a British citizenship, I wanted to apply to UK dental schools next year so I can start dental school as soon as possible. I plan on practicing in the UK. However, to those familiar with UCAS, I must state all schools I attended and that means that my one bad year will likely hinder my chances of acceptance to various schools. 


My question is: is it possible that UK schools will not ask for my transcript because I only completed one year? And also, how can I politely defend my bad first year GPA in my personal statement? Also, for those of you wondering, I did complete high school in Ontario and received a very high average (the opposite of university!), which will be submitted to universities. 



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I'm pretty sure the UK schools will ask for ALL transcripts including the ones from your first year. 


I would probably just state whatever your personal circumstances is on your personal statement and not hide anything. 


If the schools find out.......that could be academic misconduct and get your expelled from the school. 


I have heard of a situation where there was a nursing student that plagiarized an assignment in her first year


the university flagged her name and after she was finished her degree she couldn't register with the nursing board thus couldn't get her RN license.......


all those years of schooling just wasted.......

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