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June 1st is quickly approaching and the pressure to make my decision is increasing as the days go by. I've been accepted to 5 schools and I have narrowed it down to McGill and Western for Biomedical Sciences and Medical Sciences, respectively. If anyone has firsthand experience with either of the two programs your input would be greatly appreciated! I've heard a lot about Western's Medical Science program and am very impressed, but I have yet to hear about McGill's.

I am a Med School hopeful interested in applying to medical schools across Canada and possibly in the states. So I guess I want to go to the school that will maximize my chances of getting into medical school. I understand it is an extremely difficult feat to get into medical school but It's been my dream for my whole life and I'm ready for the challenge!
Other than the programs, the social life at both schools seems to be quite fun so I'm not particularly worried about that as I can see myself fitting in at either school!
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I hail from McGill life sciences. dealing with the administration and budget cuts at McGill can be annoying, but there are still lots of bright professors and some really amazing research going on (I got taught about artificial cells by their inventor for example). I liked my program (except I wish I hadn't done an honours research project in hindsight, there are plenty of other ways to do research). basically there is a general U0 (freshman year if you don't have any advanced credit or cegep) for all sciences, and a fairly general U1 for physiology, pharmacology and anatomy. after that the programs branch off, but overlap slightly. there is a very collegial attitude among McGill life sciences students which I've heard is not necessarily the case at other universities. The cohort is relatively small at McGill since it is a pretty selective program, which is nice. you end up getting to know a lot of life sci people by the end. Also, the courses can be pretty challenging but many people are able to maintain good GPAs with hard work and interest in their study. most class averages are B- to A-. Final year is pretty flexible, you take a few courses at the border line graduate level which are pretty small. There are lots of opportunies for research.

I recommend mcgill as a school without a lot of bells and whistles, but a very solid academic environment if you really want to learn and challenge yourself. many of my classmates have gone on to medicine in their first application cycle, as well as biomedical illustration, public health, etc. Congrats for getting in by the way!

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