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Should I Accept My Offer To Mcmaster Health Sciences?

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^well then yes, you probably should. They turn out lots of docs.


If you dread PBL/Hamilton/McMaster, though, then don't be afraid to turn it down. People get into med from a wide variety of places. You don't need Mac Health Sci.

my only other options are:

Life Science at UTM

Medical Science at Western

Biomed Sci at Waterloo

Biomed Sci at Guelph

I've never actually gone to hamilton for any reason but when I was driving through it on my way to Niagara falls it looked like a detriot-tier shithole (no offence). I like the PBL/small classes idea though

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I've never actually gone to hamilton for any reason but when I was driving through it on my way to Niagara falls it looked like a detriot-tier shithole (no offence). 

HAHA this is exactly the first thought that occurred to me when I went to hamilton for the first time. It really only got worse as I spent more time there, but luckily mac campus isn't too close to the sketchy downtown area. 

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Almost everyone at Mac Health Sci seems to be able to get into med. Go there



Health Sci grad here. This statement is definitely not true. There is a good proportion of health scis that get accepted to medicine, but not everyone. For one thing, many health scis don't even want to do medicine in the first place. Health Sci is a wonderful program for fostering teamwork skills, learning aspects of the health care field and growing in a tight-knit community. It's honestly really fun.


There are many perks of being a health sci. For instance when taking anatomy, you get access to the same anatomy lab that the Mac med students use. You also get to do a third year communication course in the Centre for Simulation Based Learning, which is also used by Mac's professional schools. Also, many health sics don't even know this, but the health sci faculty members are the only ones in McMaster where they are hired based on their ability to teach rather than do research. Most of the other schools (and other faculties at Mac) require their profs to do both teaching and research, but in Health Sci they are only required to teach. This program truly cares for its students. There is such a heavy focus on education. 


You shouldn't choose Health Sci as a stepping stone for medicine, instead, you should be choosing Health Sci because this is where you will receive the best education.

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^did you specialize in biomedical sciences or know anyone that did? What do people who have gone through it think about it? Also is it still possible to take the anatomy and immunology courses while in that specialization?


I did the general stream, but have many friends who did the biomedical specialization. My advice for those of you who are considering a specialization is to make sure that you are really passionate about the field before specializing, because biomed courses are generally more work. You really don't miss out too much by not specializing since there are so much elective space in general stream such that you can take elective courses in biochemistry.


It is possible to take anatomy, and I highly encourage the entering health scis to take anatomy because it is such a valuable course. However, anatomy + orgo in second year biomed is just an impossible amount of workload (there are some who do it, I don't know how). Many students choose to take the first anatomy in second year and the second one in third year. There are couple of immunology courses in third and fourth year offered as electives. There is also a third year inquiry core that is immunology. As long as you choose anatomy and immunology as your elective they are definitely doable.

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In hindsight, my friends who turned down Mac Health Sci regret it, my friends who accepted Mac Health Sci do not regret it and many are on the waitlist or accepted to Med School even in 3rd year. 


I've heard that the class average is probably a low 3.9+. Which is pretty much insane and is probably a big reason why many get in. 

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