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Advice On My Chances For Medical School

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Hopefully I am posting this in the right forum


Anyways I just wanted some advice on

1) my chances in getting into medical school

2) recommendations or suggestions to increase my chances


so here is my background.


I just finshed my third year of BScN and am preparing to write the MCAT on Aug. 21st 2015. I hope to finsh my degree in april 2016 and start med school the following september 2016. Some people may ask me why i choose nursing as my pregrad but honestly I don't have an inspiring or emotional story behind my choice. My passion has always been to work in the healthcare field to the greatest of my capabilities. If my brain could handle the stress of being a doctor than I'd gladly accept it.


So currently my GPA is at a 3.75.. Personally I don't think I will have much issues meeting med schools requirements for MCAT, However ofcourse anything could happen on the day of the exam.



As for my work and volunteer experiences

Currently working as a waitress

Various experiences as a student nurse at various units and hospitals (Mental Health, Surgical Floor, Neurology, Geriatrics, Community ) Most of my placements were at hospitals and I got to perform most of the tasks a registered nurse would perform.

Student Ambassador at my school

Volunteer at an institution as a teacher assistant.

Starting next month I will be working at a urgent care center ( admin of injections, wound care and administrative tasks)

Starting next month I will be working as a research assistant


Is this sufficientÉ Should I do something else this summer


Also Imm not too sure who to ask to be my references Any suggesstions


My preferred school is Mcmaster if anyone has advice specific for mac

As of now I plan on applying to ontario med schools (that do not require chem or phys as a preq. as i do not have them) but am willing to apply to other canadian schools if suggested

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For McMaster, your ECs is no use, they Rank applicants by cGPA, VR and Casper for interview invitations, I see some people with 3.7x and VR12 rejected pre-interview, so you have to ace VR and Casper for interview.


Also without your GPA and MCAT breakdown it's hard to predict your chance at other schools, where you're from and your residency status play a role too.

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