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Yeah, I'm really nervous too. I feel like such a wildcard: I could be accepted, wait-listed or rejected based on my circumstance (High GPA, Low MCAT and above avg. MMI). I guess I should expect to be rejected so that I don't disappoint myself...

haha I wish I had your above-avg mmi :P

I'm just looking forward to the wait being over, regardless of the outcome

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Today, 07:34 PM

I called the office and they said results were released at noon.

In Topic: Mmi Scoring

26 March 2015 - 04:26 PM

Agreed.  They video record each station, so if they suspect an issue, they can rewatch the interview for anomalies.


I feel like you'd be more credible if you didn't make the video record statement for the MMI


Furthermore, the Facebook group would have definitely would have increased in number, it hasn't.

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