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Dental School Abroad To Practice In The Us

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Hi all,


I have siblings working in the US as health professionals and I wish to eventually join them 


Yes this option may seem convoluted. Obviously if I intended to practice in the US I should just attend a US dental program. But I want to better my chances because my grades are not competitive. 


With Oz/NZ/Ire having bilateral agreement with CDAC, a few programs are recognized to be equivalent to Canadian credentials and thus can take the Canadian boards. 


I'm a bit confused as to the process.


1.If CDAC recognizes some schools abroad, does CODA (US accreditation) also recognize these school because CODA recognizes Canadian credentials? if a = c and b = c thus a = b ?

2. If not, and I were to become a Canadian dentist first. Can I then write the US boards and the US system would accept the credentials from abroad?


Someone posed these question to CODA/CDAC and neither where able to give concrete answers.

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