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Hello all! 

I'm currently self-studying for my test date in late August. I was wondering how everyone else is studying for their MCATs.


I have a very bad habit of obsessing over my notes and trying to make them perfect- as a result my studying ends up being over complicated and entirely too time consuming. I spend more time tidying up my notes and making sure I get every detail rather than actually retaining any information. As such, I decided to make index cards for the MCAT, because that way I only have a limited space for each term/theory/formula and am forced to strip info down to the nitty gritty. I also make up question cards as I go along, then write the answer on the other side so that I engage in active studying when I go through my deck again. A few weeks into studying and I'm nearing 200 cards...lol. 


I thought it would be nice to share the study techniques that we use, and learn from each other! Hope everyone's studying is going smoothly. :) 


Also if anyone missed it in the other thread, I've made an fb group for MCAT study partners in Toronto. Feel free to join: https://www.facebook...81868048733396/

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