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I'm going into my last year of mechanical engineering at McGill (3.83 cGPA, 3.97 wGPA @ Toronto). If I'm unsuccessful this year, I'm thinking of doing a Masters and then reapply.


My first option, is to do a thesis based M.Eng at McGill (start in May 2016, theoretically may be finished in a year, so finish in May 2017 and hope to strat med in Fall 2017). The thesis will be biomedically oriented and would be a continuation of my honours thesis in undergrad (hence only 1 year). If I apply in Fall 2016 would U of T consider me as a Grad applicant or do I need to have the degree conferred at the time of appliction to be considered as a grad applicant?


My other option is to do a masters in a health related field, like the M.H.Sc in clinical engineering at U of T, or M.Sc. in experimental medicine or experimental surgery at McGill, but I am skeptical as to how useful they are. (Lol a Ph.D. in experimental med directly is also potentially possible) 


Which would be a better option? Or, if a masters is not so good of an idea in the first place, what should I do after I graduate? Thanks!! 

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