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I'm an OOP applicant who doesn't have that many ECs so I'm worried that this portion of my application will affect my chances a lot. I'm just curious about how I'd be be scored


1) Extracurricular activities

- I had executive positions in 5 clubs and that is all.


2) Medically related experience

- 100 hours at a hospital


3) Volunteer Experience

- 1 year at the Canadian Cancer Society

- International Volunteering

- brief volunteering at various events related to fashion for humanitarian causes


I have a decent amount of employment and awards to add, but nothing special.


To make matters worse, they ask for the last 5 years and if that is from September 2010 a bulk of my ECs are cut (most of the hospital hours, the year at the CCS , the international volunteering and the brief volunteering jobs). Should I still add those in? I'm already pretty uncompetitive with them anyway.

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I can't comment too much on your ECs, though I would not necessarily discount your employment. It sounds like you've been working quite a bit, which is certainly worth something.


I think you can include your pre-2010 stuff as long as it's not high school level. I was told by Dal that I could include stuff going back to my first undergrad (2003-2007) when I applied last cycle, and that they typically want to exclude mainly things from high school. I did get an OOP interview based on this too. Good luck.

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Can someone please comment on chances of receiving an interview as an OOP applicant with no maritime connection? I am asking for a friend who has a 3.85 GPA in her last 2 years, 30 MCAT and has decent ECs with 2 publications and 1 accepted for publication. 

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