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Prerequisites In The U.s.

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Hi all,


I graduated from Waterloo a couple years ago (not science) and I am looking to do some pre-requisites. Specifically, I am looking to meet the "2 full year life science requirements". When I was at Waterloo, I managed to take "Biol 130: Intro to Cell Biology + lab", but i need 1.5 years worth more of life science courses to meet requirements. The issue is that I live in the Silicon Valley (California) for work reasons, meaning that it is impossible for me to get these requirements on campus in Canadian schools.


I have heard about taking online courses at Athabasca/Tru, but I am wondering if UofT specifically recognizes biology credits from these institutions. I am interested specifically in Tru as it doesn't seem to charge significantly for being outside the country as is the case for Athabasca. The courses I am interested in to meet the 1.5 years worth of life science requirements include:


Biol 1593: Anatomy and Physiology I

Biol 1593: Anatomy and Physiology II

Biol 2341: Introduction to Genetics

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Hi deandre,


If you don't need labs, you can take those courses through Waterloo distance education. Since you have been a student there before, you will only need to order one transcript.


Go to de.uwaterloo.ca to see when they offer the courses.


The equivalent courses are BIOL 239 (Genetics), BIOL 273 (Physiology I) and BIOL 373 (Physiology II).


I hope that helps. ????

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Athabasca BIOL 341 (Human Genetics) was a very straightforward course, non cumulative exams (Midterm 1 covers units 1-8, and midterm 2 covers unit 9-16), and straight forward assignments.   If you can put in the work for some of the more tedious parts of the class (later units), it is a very solid class.

I would look into the specific schools you are applying to and how they feel about it. These classes that I took at Athabasca were directly reccomended by UBC to meet pre-reqs, so the only reason any other school wouldn't take them - is some wrongly perceived notion about online classes or blanket policy on them etc.


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