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I've been reading posts on this forum for a few hours and a few words have popped up that I do not quite understand. Could you please enlighten me ? Haha


CRU, CRA or something, connexe and non-connexe programs.


Sorry for my ignorance,

Thank you!

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Firstly are you from Quebec?


And I assume you are no way ready to apply, yes?


Okay, I see you are a Cegepien. If you have a bac connexe from the point of view of UdeM, then you only need their 4 yr program, whereas if your studies are deemed non-connexe, if accepted, you must do the preliminary year first, which adds an additional year. What UdeM consider non-connexe is quite strange, b/c you can do a bac that is actually an excellent preparation for medicine, and yet they will consider it non-connexe and force you to do the extra year. There is one member here who graduated from law. She was accepted into Laval & UdeM. Laval only required 4 years, so that is where she went. 


And what is your R score? 

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